This Weekend – Train Room on Saturday & Pancakes on Sunday!


Second Saturday means the train room will be open for the Brickmania Toyworks Open House.  Come and see the displays by the GMLTC and TCLTC in the Train Room!  We’re open 10am to 4pm on Saturday and so is the train room!  Rob from Brickstuff will also have a booth set up for those interested in learning about lighting up their LEGO models with some of the coolest after-market hardware yet made for the LEGO system.

With the expanded play area we have more space to place than ever before!  Smaller even have their own DUPLO area.  We also have several tables full of the regular ol’ LEGO bricks for making houses, race cars and more. If you ask nicely we might even bring out the stash of Bionicle! We also have the a find Waldo scavenger hunt set up throughout the space – if you play you will be eligible for a raffle prize!


Black Hawk Down diorama – photo by Bill Toenjes

Displays set up this weekend at the Toyworks includes the followings:

  • NE Minneapolis Train Loop
  • Battle of Peleliu diorama with 10 foot long Landing Ship Tank model (and hundreds of US Marines squaring off against the Imperial Japanese defenders)
  • The epic new Black Hawk Down diorama
  • Dozens of Brickmania’s kit prototypes (in a shiny new display case!)
  • Tons more…

Remember the open house is a FREE event!

All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast!Pancake Breakfast

Brickmania opens at noon on Sunday, but you can join us down the hall Diamonds Cafe for their all-you-can-eat Pancake Breakfast happening 9am to noon.

“Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, July 13th!

“$8 buys all you can eat. Pancakes, bacon, sausage, eggs, juice, and of course, Diamonds’ unbelievable, rich, yummy coffee!

“We’re hoping for good weather…and the M2M crowd will be here as well, so come and swap stories and stoke up on cakes!!

“Remember, you need to come in from the north (18th Ave side) because of the construction.  The street is closed, but the median is now gone, so you can turn around right in the street and even drive the wrong way on Central – take advantage of that!

“Come have fun and EAT!

“go go go”

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