New Shermans Including M4(105) with Brickstuff Light Effects!

M4 Sherman Kit

Brickmania is pleased to announce the release of two new Sherman tank kits. First let’s start with the M4 Sherman kit, now redesigned to take full advantage of the new double-wide Brickmania Track Links™, printed tiles and other key improvements over last year’s model. The best part is we were able to make these improvements without raising the price by a single penny!


This new Sherman design looks meaner than its predecessor and has cool features like three opening hatches, tank commander minifig, printed US star tiles, M2HB from BrickArms and fully posable main gun.



We have teamed up with our comrades at Brickstuff to offer a M4(105) Assault Sherman kit that includes awesome lighting effects. Not only do you get all the parts to make this important Sherman variant, but it also has illuminating headlights and tail lights, plus realistic flashing hull machine gun and main gun powered by a Brickstuff Light Effects controller. Best of all, the variant is based on the M4 Sherman kit, for which we also include the instructions. Build the M4 for practice, then rebuild it as the M4(105) with light effects!


Brickstuff makes the best after-market lighting kits we’ve come across and it’s what we use for our museum displays. Due to their fragile nature this kit is more difficult to assemble and is not recommended for every day play. The kit includes a lead to connect to a 9v battery (not included) that will fit inside the model. However, if you intended to keep your model displayed for long periods of time, we recommend using an external power source such as the Brickstuff to Powerfunctions or Brickstuff to USB adaptor (we will soon have a complete line of Brickstuff products available to order directly from our web store).

We have only made 30 of these special  M4(105) variant kits and expect them to sell quickly.



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