British and German World War I Artillery and Infantry Kits

World War I

During World War One the battles on the Western Font were predominantly fought with artillery and infantry slogging it over no man’s land between the trenches. We’ve put together a couple of army builder packs that will help you build up your troops in order to deliver the old 1-2 punch to the enemy (image above shows extra BrickArms equipment and flags not included).

18 Pounder

The Ordnance Quick Firing 18 Pounder was the main British field gun used during World War One and was present in every theater of operation. This limited edition kit contains one 18 Pounder field gun and two British infantrymen equipped with cloth uniforms from MMCB Capes and BrickArms accessories.

7.7cm FK 96

The 7.7cm Feldkanone 96 neuer Art was an updated version of the original FK 96, the standard field gun adapted by the German Army in 1896. “Neuer Art” refers to the updated gun carraige  and recuperator system that alowed for rapid fire like the French Mle 1897 and British 18 Pounder. This limited edition army builder kit comes with one 7.7cm FK 96 gun and two German infantrymen equipped with cloth uniforms from MMCB Capes and BrickArms accessories.

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