RE-RELEASE: Final Batch of our Tiger I Ausf E Kits Now Available

Tiger I

The final batch of our extremely popular (and equally as rare) Tiger I Ausf E premium custom kit is now available. Due to the severe rarity of certain elements, it is extrmely unlikely that we’ll be able to make any future editions of this kit.


While this re-release is practically identical to the original from early 2012, we took the opportunity to include custom-printed Panzertruppen mini fig torsos…


… And added extra tracks on the glacias plate.


The Tiger I model has a fully detailed hull and includes driver and radio operator minifigs. The turret and hull sections are easy to separate to show off your model’s interior details.


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One thought on “RE-RELEASE: Final Batch of our Tiger I Ausf E Kits Now Available

  1. I see that it’s highly unlikely this tank will be released ever again, but I never had enough money to buy it whenever it was released. Is it possible this will be released again soon or is it gone forever?

    If the Tiger I couldn’t be released again, my list of other kits I hope you guys make sometime down the line are a Tiger II, German ambulance, JagdPanther, M8 HMC, and the Jackson. (I know the Wolverine shares the same chassis as the Jackson, but it would be nice to see the Jackson as its own kit.)
    Thank you.

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