M1 57mm anti-Tank Gun and US Infantry Soldiers Restocked


Gearing up for the expected counter-attack, we’ve re-released the M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun as a stand-alone mini kit. (NOTE: For this interested in the Tiger I kit re-release, be aware that there are less than a dozen unspoken for as of this writing).

M1 57mm AT Gun

This M1 57mm Anti-Tank gun was distributed to all US Infantry Divisions for the campaign in Europe. While not effective against the frontal armor of the heaviest German tanks, it was still an effective tank-killer when properly used, and it’s small size made for ideal ambush weapon.

US Rifleman

Brickmania has also just completed another batch of our custom US Rifleman minifigs, which we hope will be enough to last us through the holidays. These genuine LEGO minifigs that have been custom pad-printed the same way LEGO does it.

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