Brickmania Track Link Contest Winners!!

After some tough deliberating (and a few black eyes) we have reach an agreement on the winners of the contest:


Due to the creative use of color, building technic, originality and picture quality the first place will go to the Brickmania Forum user LegoUli!



Second place goes to TomcatBobcat!!



For third place we chose Vandasteamworks’ stunning entry.

Ballistic Brickslegoguy505

Our honorable mentions go to Ballistic Bricks (Left) for the most original use of Brickmania’s Track Links!

We also want to commend Legoguy505 (right) for the outstanding building technic and picture setting!


Here are all the entries received. It was a lot of fun going through all of these and really hard to agree on the winners! We hope everyone had just as much fun creating and following the entries on the forum. Make sure you follow the blog as we will be having more contests soon!!

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