Brickmania Toyworks to End Free Open House After January

Brickmania Toyworks will stop having our open houses at the end of January 2015. The reasons for shutting down the open house are many, but here is a summary of what is happening.

  • Brickmania has a number of really big and exciting new projects slated for 2015  (a minifig scale battleship USS Missouri to name one) and we need more space to work on them all. The big room we use for the open house is our last available space and we need to be able to work without having to “clean it up” for open houses.
  • Brickmania will periodically re-open the ‘Toyworks for special events and displays in the future. Our next event will be World War Brick Minneapolis, happening in June 19-21st. Additional events and displays will be announced at a later time.
  • The LEGO train clubs (GMLTC and TCLTC) will continue to be located inside Brickmania and their displays will be open during future events. They plan to use the interim downtime to revamp and rebuild their displays.
  • Brickmania’s January hours are as follows:
    • January 1: Open 5-9pm (including Train Room)
    • Saturdays: Open 10am to 4pm (Train Room open January 10th only)
    • Sundays: Open noon to 4pm
  • The Birthday Party Room will be available as per normal through January. Note that it costs $40 to reserve the birthday party room.
  • Brickmania is hoping to open a brick and mortar store at a premier retail location in the Twin Cities this year. More info will be forthcoming.
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7 thoughts on “Brickmania Toyworks to End Free Open House After January

  1. I would echo Erika’s comments above – from a marketing perspective though there is a 7 year old and a 10 year old today that have turned their back on you. Lucky we checked your website before heading out. From your comments above the marketing push seems to orient more towards the adult hobbyist and that seems understandable since your category is more a niche war related modeling group.
    Families with children can be a fickle lot. I wish you luck in recapturing the market you had with your new location!

    • Brickmania will continue to have periodic events in our space and are by no means turning our back on anyone. In the meantime we need the space for our long0-term construction projects.

  2. Thank you for many years of fun. From Winter potlucks, second Saturdays, packed weekends later on and many other fun events like Art-a-Whirl, my family thanks you for the years free fun we have had in your space. Thank you for being a great neighbor. We were a little sad to hear of the end of this phase, but we are looking forward to the future events and the changes ahead for Brickmania!

  3. Do you do birthday events? It says dates through January. If a birthday event is held there what does it entail?

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