Word War Brick Anaheim Preparations — News Digest #1

Here is an update of news and some of activities happening at World War Brick Anaheim… Now just one month away!

BrickArms ModCom Build


Every Weekend Pass holder at World War Brick Anaheim will have a chance to create (and keep) a special BrickArms ModCom weapon! Will Chapman will personally lead this activity and there is no extra cost. You will have to sign up for one of four ModCom sessions to participate. Limit one ModCom per Weekend Pass holder.

Micro Tank Battle Tournament

Micro Tank Battle

We are holding a bracket style tournament of the fast-paced table top Micro Tank Battle game. Matches will be take between 30-45 minutes and winners of each battle will be eligible to advance to the next battle. As the battle progresses, new weapons will be introduced for an added twist. Tournament participation limited to Weekend Pass holders.

BrickArms Skill Crane


Every World War Brick attendee will have an opportunity to try the BrickArms skill crane! What might you get? It will cost you a raffle ticket to test your skill, but the reward could be huge!

Robotic Tank Tournament!


We will be holding a points-based competition using a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® robotics system. Each player or team will control a robot that will complete a series of tasks with double points for each task completed autonomously (i.e. without remote control). We encourage participants to bring their own Robot Tank, but will have 2-3 robots available. Tournament map will be available for practice during any Open Game Play session on the schedule.

Event Kit Teaser Posted

M249 Crate

Will has just released another preview teaser for of the BrickArms printed crate included in the World War Brick Anaheim event kit. Yes, it will include the photo M249 Light Machine Gun (aka SAW). Look for the full event kit reveal next week!

More news posted daily at worldwarbrick.com!

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