Micro Tank Battle Tabletop Wargame – Deluxe Game Set Out Now!


Micro Tank Battle is fast-paced table top game developed for 1:100 scale armor models and extensively play tested at World War Brick events.  The Deluxe Starter Pack includes everything you need to play the basic game, including 784 LEGO® bricks to build the models and a heavy duty 30×60″ vinyl play mat with pre-printed terrain features and hex grid for quick game play. Also includeds rules and a tape measure for the traditional (non hex-based) movement used in tournament play.

Micro Tank Battle

The Deluxe Starter Set includes:

  • Full-color booklet with game rules and building instructions
  • 1x Tiger I tank model (all models made from genuine LEGO bricks)
  • 2x Panther tank models
  • 3x StuG III TD models
  • 1x Wespe SPG model
  • 5x Sherman tank models
  • 3x M18 Hellcat TD models
  • 1x M7 Priest SPG model
  • 2x Houses
  • 2x Forest Obstacles
  • 1x Bridge
  • 3x game dice
  • Tape measure
  • 30×48″ eavy duty vinyl game mat

If you have your own parts, you can also buy the following separately:

Rule Book

Basic Rules and Building Instructions | PDF version also available


30×60″ Vinyl Game Mat

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