Empires Clash – Brickmania Threatened!!!!

Brickmania staff were call into Brickmania Headquarters late last night to find the office walls covered in blaster scorch marks and the desks and windows riddled with bullet holes.  An expert on the scene commented how the blast marks were ” too precise for sand people.”  Review of the Brickmania surveillance data revealed the guilty parties. Some time around midnight the Empire and the German Afrika Corps broke into the Armory and clashed.  A passing Droid and some rebels on the outskirts were drawn into the skirmish.  The Rebels eventually bowed out of the skirmish and let the battle resolve itself.  Due to this unprovoked aggression we are taking away all their weapons.

For the next 72 hours from now till Friday Midnight we are taking the BrickArms used in the skirmish and discounting them an additional 5% off.  Combine these with other specials this week and you could be looking at some amazing savings.

Review the remaining surveillance footage following the weapon deals.

DL44x300               dc11x300               DC15x300    
BrickArms DL-44
                        BrickArms E-11                       BrickArms DC-15

dc15s_with-uclip-and-monopodsx300                     A295x300
BrickArms DC-15s                     BrickArms A295

Sentry2x300     Sentryx300             NightStalkerx300
BrickArms Sentry Turret                                                    BrickArms Nightstalker

MG42-and-34x300                                           Panzerfaustx300
BrickArms MG 34 Crate                                            BrickArms Panzerfaust
and BrickArms MG 42 Crate

BrickArms M24 Grenade or get the BrickArms M24 Grenade Reloaded version

M0815x300                  Kar-98x200

BrickArms MG 08/15                                        BrickArms Kar98


BrickArms Luger or get the BrickArms Luger P-08 Reloaded version
or the BrickArms C 96 Mauser


BrickArms Monopods and BrickArms U Clips







Happy April Fools Day. The 5% Discount is real.
Don’t miss out and thank you for supporting Brickmania.

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