Huge Discounts and Freebies ending today


Production BrickArms M1917A1 machine gun with tripod and bullet chain. On sale just five dollars.

The Browning M1917A1 was a water-cooled medium machine gun used by US forces during World War II. The water-cooled barrel sleeve meant the gun could sustain long periods of fire without overheating like it’s air cooled counterparts. The M1917A1 was used mainly in defensive positions because their extreme weight made them difficult to transport.
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Buy the MEU HMWWV and get six Roaglaan’s Customs Decal packs free.

This Exclusive Brickmania bundle will allow you to customize your Recon Force for the ultimate adventure.  Brickmania Customization Wizard Landon modified this MEU HMWWV and Force Recon Team all with the decals in this bundle. Order Here

Save $10 when you buy this bundle, includes one Hurricane kit and one Flak 38 kit.
Order Here

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