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Designed to be Germany’s tanks for fighting other tanks, the Panzer III saw its successful battlefield debut during the invasion of Poland. It proved to be a reliable, winning design and fulfilled its intended role with ease. The Panzer III continued to see action in every battlefield in Europe and North Africa. It was eventually phased out of production in 1943, when it could no longer compete with more advanced Soviet tanks such as the T-34 and KV series. Panzer III hulls continued to be used in the manufacture of the Sturmgeschütz III, one of the most successful  assault guns / tank destroyers to see action in World War II.
Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

The Panzer III Ausf H has the following features:

  • Fully rotating turret with elevating main gun assembly
  • Three opening hatches on the turret
  • Radio antenna can be deployed in raised or lowered position
  • Custom pad-printed panzer commander minifig
  • Two BrickArms MG34 machine guns
  • Sturdy construction means lots of play possibilities
  • 1/35 scale to match other Brickmania models
  • Includes 426 genuine new-condition LEGO bricks and BrickArms elements
  • professionally printed instructions and packaging
  • Comes with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Sophomore Skill Level (2-64 years experience with LEGO is recommended)

All Brickmania model kits are made of new-condition LEGO bricks and this one includes compatible accessories by BrickArms. This model comes disassembled,includes complete full color printed building instructions and comes packaged in a sealed box.

Upgrades to the Panzer III Ausf H German Medium Tank Available while supplies last.

Panzer Panzer III Ausf H Tank Megaton Upgrade: Panzer III Ausf H Tank Kit + German MP40 Mechanic + German MP40 Soldier

Includes everything in the Panzer III Ausf H German Medium Tank Kit

  • 1 Custom Printed Brickmania MP40 German Soldier Dark Grey (Not available separately)
  • 1 Custom Printed Brickmania MP40 German Soldier Light Grey (Not available separately)
  • 1 Custom Brickmania Dark Grey Stalhelm with Netted Mesh (Not available separately)
  • 1 Custom Brickmania Minikit Drill Press (Not available separately)
  • 1 LEGO Dark Grey Kepi Hat
  • 1 BrickArms Dark Grey Custom Printed MG34 Crate with MG34 and Bipod
  • 2 BrickArms Black MP40
  • 1 BrickArms Gunmetal M24 Stielhandgranate

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