Premium BrickArms Netted Helmet and Overmolded Weapons

OD green netted

The armorers have been hard at work readying the gear of war for combat!  Today we are pleased to release the first batch of Olive Green BrickArms M1 Steel Pot Helmets with realistic-lookign camouflage netting applied. These are perfect for taking your Japanese Troops to the next level! This exclusive item is hand crafted in the Brickmania armor using genuine BrickArms parts and our secret technique for application of the camouflage netting.

M1 Steel Pot with Netting  Brodie_WebbingSmall Netted Stahlhelm

We also have limited restocks of the OD Green M1 Steel, Dark Gray Stahlhelm and Dark Tan Brodie with netting applied.

BrickArms Reloaded… RELOADED!


FG-42 – The incredible light machine gun of the Fallschirmjäger!

Type 99

Type 99 Light Machine Gun: The quintessential light Japanese infantry support weapon.

M1903 Sniper OM

M1903 Springfield Sniper rifle. Awesome triple overmolded details!


MG08/15 in deluxe presentation jewel box

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