Two choices for the Latest Brickmania Release

The Workshop Collection – Anvil and Forge

Our New Release in the Workshop Collection is here and it comes in two varieties.

You can purchase the new Anvil and Forge kit with just the LEGO elements or with the LEGO elements and the lighting kit from Brickstuff to make the Forge flicker and glow.


Order Here

The anvil and forge are the the universal hallmark of the blacksmith and have remained virtually unchanged since the dawn of the iron age.  Blacksmithing continues to be a high demand skill even in modern times and we’ve brought this classic combination to life in LEGO® bricks.

Order Here

The Megaton version of our Anvil and Forge Kit includes the following Brickstuff Lighting Effects

  • Burning Effects board
  • PICO LED light
  • 4.5v battery box (3x AA batteries not included)

Don’t miss out on the third set in our series of tools by Yitzy Kasowitz.

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