New Release: World War II Mackinaw Coat – Water-Slide Decals


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High quality Mackinaw Coat water-slide decals produced under licence from Roaglaan’s Customs.

US Occupation of Iceland

On July 8, 1941, US Marines of the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade landed on Iceland to relieve a British occupation force and prevented the use of Iceland as a German U-boat base. The Marines were issued Makinaw Coats against the Icelandic weather. Notice that American military did not adopt the M1 “Steel Pot” helmet until 1942 and Marines were issued the Springfield M1903 late into World War II.

WWII Mackinaw Coat 

“The “Coat, Mackinaw, OD”, also called the “Jeep Coat” was first issued in 1938 (called the “first pattern”). The Mackinaw had a water resistant cotton duck outer shell with a wool blanked lining. The distinguishing feature of the first pattern mackinaw was that the 30 oz. blanket lining extended visibily over the shawl collar. The coat is double breasted and held closed with two rows of three buttons each, and a cotton cloth waist belt with metal or plastic buckle.” from

High quality water-slide decals produced under licence from Roaglaan’s Customs. 

Decals only. Minifigures not included!

Features of this product:

  • Squad pack contains decals for seven complete figures.
  • Recommended for dark tan minifigures
  • Includes detailed application instructions
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