Video: Brickmania TV Episode 8

Video: Brickmania TV Episode 8

On today’s episode of Brickmania TV…

• Some history about the USS Nicholas

• A brief review of new releases:
1. HMMWV + Mk 19 Grenade Launcher with Discount Modern Rifleman Upgrades (Till October 18th or while supplies last)

2. World War II Gebirgsjäger – Water Slide Decals

3. New Release BrickArms Plate Carrier Vests

4. New Release BrickArms Weapons Packs
5. WWII Russian Soldier with Gunmetal PPSh

• This week’s coupons and deals at
1. BOGO Decal Packs – Complete Modern Decal Packs

2. BrickArms Bulk Discounts– Duel Wield One-handed Weapons

3. Clearance Sale

• Photo Giveaway
Send action photo of Brickmania or Roaglaan’s Decaled Minifigure to show on Brickmania TV to
Winner will be randomly drawn from all entries.

• Outtakes – Gebirgsjäger, Gebirgsjäger, Gebirgsjäger.
• Coupon Code

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