Tiger I Ausf H: Batch Two finished and selling fast.


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The second batch of Tigers is finished and they are selling already! There are still a few Limited Time Only figures!  Add up to Four Custom Panzer Crewmen when you order your Tiger Tank!

The Legendary Tiger

Of all the tank designs to reach a 20th Century battlefield, no other vehicle has attained such legendary and mythical status as the German Tiger heavy tank. Backed up by undeniable battlefield effectiveness, the Tiger’s mythos grew to legendary status and struck terror into the hearts of those faced with the challenge of defeating it.

The origins of the Tiger tank date back to 1937, when a 30-35 ton heavy tank was discussed by German planners. The idea was dropped in favor of the more lightweight and mobile Panzer III and IV series, which proved adequately effective against allied forces in Poland and France. When Hitler turned his forces against Russia, they were soon shocked to be faced against the formidable T-34 and KV-1 tanks, both closely guarded secret weapons up to that point. The Panzertruppen found themselves out-gunned, and facing certain defeat, unless they were equipped with more powerful weapons. Read More…

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2 thoughts on “Tiger I Ausf H: Batch Two finished and selling fast.

  1. hey, how are you doing. say i was wondering since i saw on your website that you ran out of tiger 1 ausf h kits, when will you make more in the dark grey. thanks again.

    • We will certainly restock the Tiger I at a future date, but right now they are not on the production schedule, so I don’t know when they will be ready.

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