A Builder’s Dozen of Brickmania Gift Ideas for $50 or Less


Every year we compile a list of some of the most popular gift ideas from the Brickmania catalog for $50 or less. Here is the 2015 list for your holiday gift-giving consideration:


1. World War Brick Public Day Passes. World War Brick is the biggest gathering of military / historical LEGO modelers in the world. So far we’ve announced three locations for 2016: Anaheim, CA (February 13-14), Minneapolis, MN (June 11-12) and Hartford, CT (July 23-24). If you’re not sure about taking the plunge with a Weekend Pass, then the Public Day Pass is a perfect way to test the waters. Note that the purchase prices goes up closer to event, so buy early and save! (If you’re considering a full Weekend Pass, you have to buy online!). Buy your Public Day or Weekend Passes HERE.


2. BrickArms released three new packs of weapons for the LEGO builder looking outfit their latest minifigures.  For Sci-Fi fans they can complete their collection with the new 2016 Sci-Fi weapons pack, with the chrome retro ray gun.  The zombie fan is going to love the BrickArms Zombie Defense Pack , with Citizen Brick Zombie Head.   The modern combat fan will love the collection of weapons in the Modern Combat Pack Version 6  from BrickArms. These three great stocking stuffers are the perfect accessories for any LEGO builder


3.Brickmania takes high quality BrickArms Crates and gets them printed with historic designs and paired with BrickArms weapons.  This means Custom Printed Crates for Axis and Allies paired with high quality WWII Machine Guns.


4.  The best deal for Hardcore Elite Brickmania Customers.  A Brickmania Elite Membership is a ticket into an  exclusive builders club and discount program for Brickmania supporters and history buffs. Brickmania Elite members will have access to exclusive offers, bonus materials, and group activities at select LEGO fan events. Membership is good for one calendar year, starting on January 1st, with annual renewals offered at a discount rate.

5 BA-WWII_560.jpg

5.  Four new WWII Packs from BrickArms make it easy to jump into WWII and to stuff stockings.  Allies Weapons Pack, German Weapons Pack, Russian Weapons Pack or the a little of everything in the WWII Weapons Pack.  All these packs are the best way to buy BrickArms and save money because you will always get more BrickArms weapons than you will pay for.


6. The Workshop Collection.  Five great kits under $50.  The woodworker or crafter in your life needs a custom tool kit made from authentic LEGO® elements.


7. Brickmania has been releasing our own exclusive custom printed minifigures for years. We have just restocked several favorite figures including the Megaton WWII American Sniper  and the Megaton Japanese Arisaka Soldier.  These are all top-quality figures made using the same toy-safe, pad-printing technique used by LEGO on their own figures (they will not scratch or wear off during normal use).  Some are outfitted with special Overmolded weapons and additional accessories.  All of them are priced at $50 or less individually.


8. BrickArms Surplus Packs – Overstocked olive green BrickArms weapons at liquidation prices!   The perfect packs to fill in stockings.  Or stick to the top of a present, even better than a bow.


9. For the tank builder in the family, Brickmania Track Links are a perfect stocking stuffer for the more advanced builder.  Brickmania Track Links™ are our own custom track element for armored / tracked vehicles specifically designed to be used with the LEGO® system. Brickmania Track Links are injection molded using pure ABS plastic and can be snapped together for any desired length and come in Single Wide (1 LEGO brick wide), One and a Half Wide (1.5 LEGO bricks wide) and Double Wide (2 LEGO bricks wide). Brickmania Track Links mesh with most LEGO Technic® gears and in most circumstances have a smoother, looser fit than standard LEGO chain links. Brickmania Track Links are designed and professionally manufactured entirely in the USA.


10. Roaglaan’s Customs makes a wide array of decals to create and customize your own mini figures. This is a much more affordable way to build up your mini figure armies if you’re willing to expend a little sweat in the process. We have posted step-by-step instructional videos to help get you started. Check out our BOGO Decal Specials of the week.  You can stock up on decals and save cash.


11. Brickmania has minikits ranging in prices from $8 to $50. These are a great way to add firepower for your armies without blowing the budget for ammunition or additional troops. Want some more serious firepower?


12. FaBiOX are made of transparent, impact-proof plastic and are equipped with round studs on which you can place your figures making them bound and stable even in case of transportation. The key feature that differentiates FaBiOX from any other classical and anonymous plastic box, is the possibility to incorporate them into your LEGO creations.  FaBiOX comes in 6×6 and 4×4 stud size for a variety of display possibilities.


13.  Brickmania Gift Certificate – Show that you care! Available in any denomination sent immediately by email.  If you purchase it now, they can order their own gift in time for the holidays!


Okay, one more.
14. Everybody agrees that BrickArms makes the best custom weapons and accessories for the LEGO system. On the top of the awesome scale are the BrickArms Reloaded series, for which have two or more colors of ABS plastic are fused together during the molding process. All of the BrickArms Reloaded weapons are injection-molded at the BrickArms workshop by Will or Ian Chapman, the original creators of BrickArms.


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