Top 5 Brickmania Kits for Victory this Holiday Season


Number Five: Dodge WC-64 KD Truck 4×4 Ambulance


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Every battlefield needs a courageous medic to get the troops beyond the frontlines. Brickmania’s Dodge WC-64 KD Truck 4×4 Ambulance is just the kit you need to complete your frontline forces.  With opening rear door and removable roof for interior access, two stretchers and custom printed ambulance driver minifigure and a complete set of durable vinyl stickers, your wounded will be recovering in no time.

Number Four: M3 Stuart Light Tank


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The M3 Stuart Light Tank is the reliable hardworking tank to get you through the holiday season.  Just like in WWII the Stuart is a “Honey” that will get you through battle.  The M3 Stuart’s  exclusive custom pad-printed US Tanker minifig, fully rotating turret with elevating main gun assembly and fully articulated treads built with Brickmania’s Track Links™ will see you make it to the end of the war.

Number Three: Panzer III Ausf H – German Medium Tank


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Your Panzer III Ausf H – German Medium Tank is ready to storm through the holiday season.  With custom pad-printed Panzer Commander minifig, three opening hatches on the turret, and fully rotating turret with elevating main gun assembly; your minifigs will take the field well equipped for any challenge they may encounter.

Number Two: IS-2 Russian Heavy Tank – Premium Black Box Edition Kit


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Brickmania’s IS-2 Russian Heavy Tank is the solution to this year’s Scrooges.  Push back and defend the holiday season with a custom printed Russian Tanker, fully articulated triple-wide LEGO tracks, two opening crew hatches on turret + engine access hatch, rotating turret with posable main gun and complete decals to build IS-2 turret# 434 from the 7th Independent Guards Hvy Tank Bgde.

Number One: UH-1D Iroquois “Huey”


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No matter if you use the UH-1D Iroquois “Huey” or the UH-1D Iroquois Megaton Air Cav Upgrade “Huey”, your mission will be a success on Christmas night.  One comes with the standard “Huey” features including two functioning sliding bay doors and two fully articulating main rotor and tail rotor. The Upgrade includes an additional four different LEGO Minifigures with custom MMCB Capes Vietnam Flack Vests, two BrickArms M60 with ammo drum and two sticker sheets, Air Cav and Medi Vac.

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