Pacific Week Specials!


In preparation for World War Brick – Anaheim, all of our releases and specials this week are inspired by the Pacific Theater in WWII.  We have kits, BrickArms, and Minifigs on the way so you can build amazing Pacific-themed MOCs.

Kit of the Week: USS Missouri
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The USS Missouri is one of the most famous American battleships (second only to the USS Arizona). The Missouri was ordered in 1940 and commissioned in 1944.  She fought in the battles for Iwo Jima and Okinawa during World War II.  The USS Missouri is famous for holding the surrender ceremony of the Japanese Government on it’s deck, September 2nd 1945.  After the Korean war the USS Missouri was retired from active service. USS Missouri along with three other Iowa Class Battleships were reactivated and extensively modernized.  The USS Missouri participated in The Gulf War in 1991 providing tomahawk missile and naval gunfire support to Operation Desert storm. This 1/700th scale replica uses 100% authentic LEGO elements and is perfect for display on desks or mantles.

BrickArms Bulk Deals: Pacific Theater
Outfit your minifig forces with the BrickArms Bulk Deals.  Buy 10-19 of the same weapon and save 10%, buy 20 or more and save 20%!
M1 Carbine FS
M1903 Springfield USMC Sniper Rifle
Arisaka Bayonet Rifle
• Type 100

BOGO Decals: WWII Pacific Theater
Make sure your minifigs look the part with decals from Roaglaan’s Customs.
• Minifig Set: USMC Complete Frogskin
• Minifig Set: USMC Beach Camo
• Squad Pack: U.S. Marines
• Squad Pack: Japanese Pilot
• Squad Pack: Japanese Infantry


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