New Release: US Marines – Pacific Theater

We have two new minifigs, just in time for Pacific Week!  The US Marine V.2 and the Limited Edition Marine Raider with Frogskin Camo and Netted M1 Pot Helmet.

BMF140 action Promo 560
The US Marines were the infantry heroes of the Pacific Theater in WWII.  From code-talkers to beach-stormers, the Marines worked tirelessly to ensure an Allied victory in the Pacific Theater campaigns.  These minifigs feature custom pad printed art and BrickArms M1 Pot Helmets.  For a limited time only, you can get the Marine V.2 Minifig for a reduced price when purchased with the newly released M4A2 Sherman Tank.  Get up to 10 at a discount when purchased with the tank!

bmf118 action2 promo 560
The Marine Raiders were the elite soldiers of the WWII Marines and were the first USMC Special Operations team.  They were the physical elite of the Corps, former mule and horse hostlers used to excruciatingly hard labor and difficult working conditions.  The Raiders specialized in amphibious landings in dangerous territory, and were trained in extreme stealth.  They were responsible for liberating PoW camps, and participated in heavy warfare throughout the war.  These minifigs feature custom digital print Frogskin Camo and Brickmania Netted M1 Pot Helmets.  We only have 200 of this Limited Edition figure, so get yours today!

Featured BrickArms Accessories
M1A1 Thompson (Overmolded not available for sale at this time)
M1917A1 Machine Gun
M1 Garand (Overmolded out of stock at this time)
Mk2 Grenade (Out of stock at this time)

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3 thoughts on “New Release: US Marines – Pacific Theater

  1. Hey, I was just inquiring on whether or not the new Marine Raider figures would be available for further purchase in the future because I had only found out about them until recently and I was very interested in them. I understand that these figures are Limited Edition but I believe that they are of excellent design and quality and hope to see them available again sometime in the future. Love Brickmania!

    • There are currently no plans for making another batch of Marine Raiders in the immediate future, but our production schedule is constantly being updated. We are doing a bunch of Pacific theme kits in August and there is a good possibility we may bring back the Marine Raider during this time.

  2. Hey Dan it’s Alex from WWB Anahiem 2016 I got your Skdfz250 and your jeep and pak 36 I half to say they are really awesome. Go brickmainia!
    You rock Dan Siskind😀

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