Back in Stock! The PaK 38 Anti Tank Gun.

2083 Pak38 Action Promo 560

Stage your own Operation Barbarossa, in brick-form!

This 50mm anti-tank gun was first used in the spring of 1941, and was one of the only guns capable of penetrating the heavy russian tank armor.  The Pak 38 5cm Anti-Tank Gun was developed as a response to shortcomings found in the Pak 36 3.7cm AT Gun used during the Spanish Civil War. It was put into mass production in 1939 for the Wehrmacht and proved to be one of the few anti-tank weapons capable of penetrating the armor of the T-34 tanks. While larger anti-tank guns would be introduced, the Pak 38 continued to be useful for the remainder of the war due to its small size and good ballistic performance.

Additional Figures and Accessories:

BrickArms Crate with Lid – Dark Grey (Color availability may vary)
BrickArms Reloaded Kar98 – Overmolded (Back in stock soon)
BrickArms Kar98 – Brown
Brick Arms Kar98 Sniper – Brown
BrickArms Artillery Shells – Multi


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