BrickArms WWII Vests

WWII Vests Action I 1000

Add depth and texture to your WWII MOCs with the BrickArms WWII vests.  Available in a variety of colors, in 12 different styles (6 Allied, 6 German)

The BrickArms WWII vests are based on several different varieties of “Field Gear” or “Webbing” that were issued to troops during WWII.

The American webbing was a highly modular system, not unlike modern MOLLE gear in the sense that it could be customized to a wide variety of roles.  The base for most configurations was a belt and harness.  A wide variety of pouches and additional straps were available, resulting in a truly versatile system.

German Field Gear, also known as “Kampfausrüstung” (Fighting Equipment), was similar in nature to the Allied field gear.  It was a modular system, based on a belt and harness system with many pouch and strap options available, resulting in a very customizable piece of gear.

The “Pattern ’37” is a British design, introduced in 1937 and standard issue for British and Commonwealth troops throughout the war.  During the 1930s the introduction of new weapons such as the Bren LMG and the planned mechanisation of the British Army led to the need for the development of a new design for the Army’s basic load carrying equipment.  The introduction of the weapons with high rates of fire meant that soldiers had a requirement to carry more ammunition than previously, while mechanisation meant that soldiers had to be able to move freely within the confines of their vehicles.  The increasingly complex nature of combat and different roles that soldiers and members of the other services were being required to undertake, meant that the new design needed to be flexible, thus it was decided that it would consist of interchangeable components, which could be modified to suit the individual needs of a soldier based on his role.
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