The Little Bird is Back!

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These were so popular as a new release, we decided to bring them back!

The Little Bird, also called the “Killer Egg” is a helicopter with multi-mission (MH-6) and attack (AH-6) variants.  Able to land in even the most restrictive locations, this low profile helicopter was ideal for special forces missions.  It’s missions have included attack, assault, and reconnaissance, and are usually conducted at night, at high speeds and low altitudes, and on short notice.   In active service since the 80’s, the Little Bird was used for operations in Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Iraq, and more.  The AH-6 is the heavily armed variant.  Often equipped with miniguns, and rocket pods, among other armaments.

We also have the Delta Force Upgrade pack, featuring 5 additional minifigs with BrickArms weapons.

Additional Minifigs and Weapons included in the Delta Force Upgrade Pack:

  • 1 Co-Pilot
  • 1 Modern Sniper with M21 Rifle, MCH, and LCV.
  • 1 Para-SAW gunner with M249 SAW Para, MCH, and LCV.
  • 1 Operator with ABR, Night Vision Helmet, and LCV.
  • 1 Operator with M16A2AGL Proto, Night Vision Helmet, and LCV.

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