Restocked: CCKW 2 1/2 Ton 6×6


The GMC CCKW 2 1/2 ton 6×6 Truck was the workhorse of the US military’s overland logistics service and one of the most crucial pieces of hardware in the Allied arsenal during World War II. The famous “deuce and a half” (named for the 2½ ton weight of the truck) saw service worldwide, with hundreds of thousands being made during the war.  The CCKW was the chief means of cargo hauling used by the famous “Red Ball Express” supply convoy in Europe.  By the end of production in 1945, 562,750 CCKWs in all variants had been built, a total second only to the “Jeep”.

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The CCKW kit features:

• Opening doors for the drivers and rear tailgate

• Towing hitch for trailer or artillery

• 1/35 scale matches other Brickmania models

• The over-all color of this model is dark gray with dark tan accents

• Includes 245 LEGO® elements.


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