Brickmania’s June Events for LEGO® Fans and History Buffs!

Brickmania is dedicated to sharing our passion for history and use LEGO® bricks to tell important stories to the next generations. Our displays are on the go year-round, but the summer months are really our time to shine. In June we have three major events coming up for which we have been working hard and are super excited for:

WWB 2016 Publish Photo 7

Displays at WWB Anaheim 2016

World War Brick Minneapolis – June 10-12

This is the annual military LEGO® builder’s event, which have been hosting in our Minneapolis warehouse since 2012. Builders and history enthusiasts from across the country share their passion and creations with one another in a truly unique environment. Public Exhibition passes are available for Saturday and Sunday for just $10 per day. That lets you see amazing LEGO creations from builders from near and afar, experience the cool exhibits at Brickmania (including a Guinness’ World Record “Largest K’nex Ball Contraption”, two wall-sized mosaics built entirely from LEGO bricks and the awesome train layouts from the Greater Midwest LEGO Train Club and Twin Cities LEGO Train Club), participate in activities such as raffle drawings, World War Bingo, and of course give you access to exclusive products from Brickmania, BrickArms®, and GI Brick. For the truly dedicated fans, a full Weekend Pass is available. This entitles you to one of our epic goodie bags, the ability to display your own creations, participate in an entire extra day of activities, see behind the scenes and Brickmania HQ and witness the unveiling of a new product releases by Will Chapman, the original creator of BrickArms custom molded weapons.

Due to the expanding space requirements of the Brickmania team, this will most likely be the last such event we will be able to host on site. We will continue to do World War Brick at other locations in the future, including World War Brick Hartford, CT on July 22-24th and World War Brick Anaheim, CA in February 2017.

USS Nichoals at Evansville Museum

USS Nicholas at Evansville Museum (“this is our little ship”)

WW2 in LEGO® @ Evansville Museum – June 17-19

Brickmania will be returning to Evansville Museum (Evansville, Indiana) for our annual WW2 in LEGO® exhibition. We are bringing a vast  array of our historic World War II models, including the the 26-foot long USS Missouri, dioramas such as the Brandenburg Gate, Battle of the Bulge and more. This year we’re adding some cool new mosaics to the display, including three brand new works that will be built the proceeding weekend and World War Brick Minneapolis.


D-Day + 1 display being assembled at Brickmania HQ

Brickworld Chicago – June 18-19

Brickmania is returning Brickworld Chicago with a vengeance!  We will be setting up our massive, 24-foot long Omaha Beach, D-Day + 1 Diorama which features a 10 foot long LST (tank landing ship), German Atlantic Wall fortifications and dozens World War II vehicles. Brickmania will also have the biggest vendor booth on site and are happy to announce that Julie from GI Brick will also be joining us with her custom figures and accessories. In case you didn’t already know, Brickmania will also be opening a new retail location in Woodfield Mall (walking distance from Brickworld) in June. We will of course be having some special deals for Brickworld attendees that weekend.

More Upcoming Events:

Brick Fiesta – Houston, TX – July 7-10

World War Brick Hartford – Hartford, CT – July 22-24

Brickfair VA – Chantilly, VA – August 6-7

Brick Universe – Columbus, OH – August 20-21

Brick World Fort Wayne – August 27-28

Brick Universe – Tulsa, OK – September 10-11

BrickCon – Seattle, WA – October 1-2

See our Events Page for additional dates!


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