January hashtag giveaway month: Rules and how it works!


Brickmania has decided to run another hashtag social media giveaway event for the entire month! We often receive questions about how it works, and have decided to make a FAQ to answer general questions.

How do I enter the giveaway?

  • On Facebook, share one of our posts to your timeline and insert the hashtag #legonam into the post. Alternatively, make a post on your timeline/wall with the hashtag #legonam. Note: Unless your Facebook account is set to public, we cannot see a private post on your wall. Additionally, using the hashtag as a comment in one of our posts, does not count. Continued spamming of the hashtag in the same post can disqualify you.
  • On Twitter, tweet using the hashtag #legonam. Alternatively, retweet one of our posts and use the hashtag #legonam in your share.
  • On Instagram, make a new image or take a picture and use the hashtag #legnam. Note, unless your profile/image is public, the post cannot be seen by anyone but you. Keep in mind that spamming/using the hashtag as a comment on one of our images not only does not qualify for an entry, but repeated use can result in disqualification.

Can I enter more than once?

  • Yes, you can enter as many times as you like! It can raise the chance of becoming that week’s winner significantly.

Why does commenting on posts not count?

  • Something that we have learned from past events is that people often comment on our own posts through Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag. This does not count, and repeated use can result in complete disqualification.
  • The purpose of running a hashtag giveaway is to share our content to new people; commenting on Brickmania posts does not share our brand, products, name, etc

What do I get if I win? How will I know if I won?

  • Each week, Brickmania staff will compile a list of everyone who has entered to that point in the month (it is retroactive, so if you entered on January 3rd, later in the month, it will still count)
  • A winner will be selected for each week randomly from one of the three social media networks we are doing the giveaway on. The winner will be contacted through that platform’s Direct Messaging system (it is important that if you want to enter, make sure you have a way to directly communicate with us)
  • When the winner is selected, they will recieve a kit (new or restock), which will be sent through the mail straight to their address!
  • Upon selecting a winner, Brickmania staff will produce one post per social media platform announcing the winner to the world!

*These rules can be changed at any time, and Brickmania reserves the right to change and tweak things if needed

Here’s a great comic explaining it:


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