New Release: Vietnam Helo Pilot


This Vietnam Helo Pilot is another one of Lando’s custom minifigures!

NOTES FROM THE DESIGNER: I was tasked with putting together simple artwork for a Vietnam-era helicopter pilot. Upon delving into my source material what stuck out to me were the US Air Cavalry pilots who flew the Cobra gunships. Originally we were planning on outfitting the minifigure in a simple one-piece jumpsuit, but after going over lots of source images, I started seeing pictures of pilots wearing a two piece Nomex flight suit. This suit wasn’t nearly as common as its one-piece counterpart and it was made using newly developed fireproof material. I thought that was a really interesting piece for the time and I’m happy to have this part of the final design. Additionally, I’ve equipped this pilot with all leather combat boots. While unpopular with the grunts on the ground, pilots tended to favor them due to their fire-resistant nature. Finally, I’ve put an Air Cavalry patch on the shoulder. If you look closely you can see the horse head has been LEGO-ized.


  • 2 piece Nomex Flight Suit with Grenade Ring on Zipper Pull
  • All Leather Combat Boots
  • Air Cavalry Shoulder Patch

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