New Release: BrickArms Packs + Individual Weapons

BrickArms Modern Combat – Tactical Pack

Modern Combat - Tactical.png

BrickArms Modern Combat – Assault Pack:

Modern Combat - Assault.png

BrickArms Zombie Defense Pack (2017):
• SABR Shotgun
• XMP Submachine Gun
• Kukri Knife
• M21 Sniper Rifle
• M9 Pistol
• Tactical PDW
• V42 Stiletto Blade
• M110 Sniper Rifle
• HAC Assault RIfle
• Trench Mace
• Cricket Bat
• Baseball Bat
• Machete
• Combat Knife
• Survival Knife
• M16 Rifle
• .44 RMR Pistol
• Spy Pistol w/Scope
• Combat PDW
• ARC Rifle

Zombie Defense_2017.png

Individual weapons added to website:

MP40 V3
PPsh V2
NATO Battle Rifle
M4A1 V2
M1909 Hotchkiss Mk 1 (Benét Mercié)
Stg 44 (No Scope)

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