New Release: Starship Red Shirt


Long multi-year missions to explore the galaxy are risky. The most dangerous posts on any starship are those in Operations. The ‘red shirt’ crew members of Operations serve in Security, Engineering, and Tactical Operations, and frankly, they are the expendable phaser fodder of a ship’s crew. Red shirts are always first into combat and first to get disintegrated. They are always closest to the exploding conduit and inevitably the ones who discover the lethal nature of the planetary flora while on the away mission. Every starship requires vast numbers of red shirts. This ensures that essential bridge crew will always survive and that replacement red shirts are readily available for the next trip to the surface.

This figure features:

  • Custom digitally printed front, back, arms with a two-printed face
  • Includes a BrickArms® Overmolded Reloaded Classic Photon Pistol

This Starship Red Shirt features exclusive custom-printed artwork designed by John Canepa.

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