New Release: WWI French Cavalry Lancer


Although somewhat diminished, the use of cavalry continued through the First World War. Armed with a Lebel rifle and a lance, their mobility was an effective way to get troops into position to capture enemy trenches. After the realization that machine guns and barbed wire rendered charges ineffective, cavalry was often held in reserve, used in combination with tanks, or used for reconnaissance.

The WWI French Cavalry Lancer has artwork based on the M1905/15 ammo pouches, M1903/14 leather belt, M1892/14 Y straps “Bretelles de Suspension”, Horizon Blue M1915 Greatcoat, M1915 Horizon Blue wool trousers, MLE 93 Army shoe, leather cavalry shin guards, and the French ARS (Appareil Respiratoire Special) gas mask.
This minifigure also includes a LEGO™ Horse, Saddle, and Lance, and a texture-printed BrickArms™ Adrian Helmet.

This WWI French Cavalry Lancer features exclusive custom-printed artwork designed by Lando.

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