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Brickmania has been featured in a modeler’s magazine – in Israel!

The following article was published in an Israeli model builders’ magazine. The article featured Brickmania as a leader in the LEGO military market and had photos of the F-15E Strike Eagle and the M3A1 Half-Track.

The article was originally written in Hebrew and has been translated into English.

It’s a plane? It’s a tank? It’s LEGO!

By Hagai Bitran

This article may not seem related for those interested in the art of accurate plastic or military modeling. However, it is worth noting that we are discussing the familiar LEGO building bricks, well-known to many modelers. Although simple, you can use these bricks with sophisticated construction techniques to create impressive models, replicating a variety of vehicles and planes in an accurate 1/35 scale. The popularity of these building bricks and LEGO military models have continued to evolve at an increasing rate. For children, these LEGO tanks and planes may be the first step to more advanced and precise methods using plastic or paper.

The field of LEGO military models is not designed or produced by the LEGO Company, but rather by independent entities that use different marketing standards. These entities include both aftermarket companies and independent builders, both of which often post their MOC’s online. These posts are popular among adults (20 and up) and have gathered the interest of veterans worldwide because of their familiarity with military vehicles and aircraft from the various time periods. Several people who are fond of the LEGO brick building system have helped to promote interest in military hardware. Brickmania is an American company who leads the military LEGO market. The company designs and produces detailed LEGO military models, especially from the U.S. military but also those of other world nations such as Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Among these kits, the most sought-after by fans are from the Great War (World War I) and World War II.

Disclosure: I build plastic and cardboard models of planes. I am a LEGO enthusiast (AFOL) and father of two children. Through my fatherhood, I have managed to combine these two hobbies into a great building experience which I share with my children. I teach my kids about various vehicles and tools and they help me in building or build by themselves using complex construction methods. The final model doesn’t just sit on the shelf, but you can touch and play with them. These experiences generate an increased interest in real historic vehicles and create a desire to use more complex and detailed techniques.

As mentioned, this hobby is very popular abroad and there are numerous exhibitions (especially in the United States) that feature LEGO military models. Several of these models are displayed at military venues and often get media coverage. Israel is beginning to use LEGO bricks, but they are often considered relatively expensive as a toy (although these kits can be purchased at a discount or a builder can purchase specific parts). During the Hanukkah 2016 IPMS model show, several LEGO military models were presented for the first time (tanks and aircraft). These models were appreciated by children, as they often build versions of these same models with their loved building bricks.

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