Restock: UTV (Ultra-Light Tactical Vehicle)


UTVs are utilized by the military in many different forms, from extended cabs that can seat 4 and carry additional supplies to ultra light models, which our kit is based on. This tactical vehicle can seat two and carry additional supplies or troops in the compact bed. The UTV is ideal for small strike team transport as it is an agile and low profile off road vehicle. Currently used UTVs are also extremely versatile, often featuring modular seating and storage options as well as tow-behind trailers and other add ons. These vehicles are frequently used by SOCOM and other Special Operations Forces.

Additional information about this Brickmania custom Lego® kit:

  • Open canopy design allows for easy mounting of various accessories
  • 1/35 scale matches other Brickmania models
  • Open chassis design has room for 4-6 minifigs
  • The over-all color scheme of this model is Black
  • Includes 93 LEGO & BrickArms elements

This Brickmania model kit is made from genuine unused LEGO bricks and is shipped disassembled. Also included are full-color printed building instructions and is packaged in a sealed box. All Brickmania building kits are limited production and may be discontinued at any time.


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