New Release: Nano Tank Battle

NBB Action Webcard-710

With the success of Micro Brick Battle, we received many comments clamoring for a smaller, more portable version of the game. Nano Brick Battle was the result of many months of game play design and testing. Each travel ready volume of this ever-expanding series will feature a new scenario, covering World War I, World War II and the Kaiju invasions of the 1950s. Our first volume tackles the scaly menace of the Post War Era, as one player controls the deep-sea denizen as s/he tries to eliminate the Unified Fighting Force Defense Alliance. The opposing player, controlling a variety of tanks representing the UFFDA, the A-12 Matilda 2, the Type 4 Ho-Ro, Tiger 1 and Type 92 Howitzer, must stop the strange beast invading the world before it can get to the World Capital.



4 NANO Dice in Travel-friendly Shaker

4 Tanks, 1 Artillery and 1 Block

1 Deep Sea Kaiju

1 Portable Travel Book with customizable terrain

1 Tactical tweezers


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