Restock: Korean War US Army MASH Doctor


As the need for doctors grew in Korea, the Army turned to civilian draftees to fill the M.A.S.H. units across the peninsula. The use of medevac helicopters such as the H-13 Sioux assured a continuous stream of causalities from the front. These doctors often worked long and irregular hours, sometimes under the threat of enemy fire. Alongside the Army nurses, their tireless work contributed to a drastic cut in death rates among wounded soldiers.

The Korean War US Army M.A.S.H. Doctor features artwork based on the US Army MASH Uniform, M-1948 Russet Combat Boots, Identification Tags, Rieger-Bowles Binaural Combination Stethoscope, and comes with a martini glass for an after-hours drink.

This Korean War US Army MASH Doctor features exclusive custom-printed artwork designed by Lando.

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