Buy One, Get One Deal For Sunday May 20, 2018

Buy the Vostok 1 and get a FREE Pioneer 10

Each day this week we’re offering a new Buy One, Get One deal ― amazing combinations only around for 24 hours.

For our final day: Buy the Vostok 1 and get a FREE Pioneer 10!*

Click here and place your order before 11:59 PM CDT to get your free WWI French Rifleman custom minifigure. Then stop back tomorrow to find out about the next deal!

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*While supplies last.

All the Deals:

Monday: Buy the Dropship and get a FREE APC and a FREE Smart Gunner
Tuesday: Buy the M1025 HMMWV and get a FREE Modern Combat Desert 3-Color minifigure
Wednesday: Buy the Mercury Control Center and get a FREE Friendship 7
Thursday: Buy the Schneider C.A. – WWI French Assault Tank and get a FREE WWI French Rifleman custom minifigure
Friday: Buy the Starship Bridge and get a FREE Starship Captain with Command Chair
Saturday: Buy the Centurion Raider and get a FREE Colonial Viper
Sunday: Buy the Vostok 1 and get a FREE Pioneer 10

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