F-16C Fighting Falcon – Supersonic Multirole Fighter

F-16C Fighting Falcon - Supersonic Multirole Fighter

7 thoughts on “F-16C Fighting Falcon – Supersonic Multirole Fighter

  1. Do you sigh when you see my name? Not a rude sigh but a like… “This guy again.” I just wanted to say about the set do you have a preference of which set because I am stuck deciding on the F16 or the AH-1Z. I need the helmet from this kit with the flip down visor but I do think it is an all around good build and it might be more bulk for my buy. Then I think the AH-1Z might bring me more to the scale model Im putting together so I’m just saying personal preference.

  2. Does the pilot figure in this set have a flip up/down visor in the helmet just like the chinook crew has or is it just the single helmet mold with no black visor?

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