Restocks: Rats and Foxes Building Instruction Book, WWII Russian Stalingrad V2, Vietnam Grunt V2, WWI German Stormtrooper, UN MCH Helmet, 1×2 Balkenkreuz Tile – Dark Gray

We have another wave of restocks just in time for those last minute holiday orders! First off is our highly popular Rats and Foxes: Building Instructions for WWII in the Desert using LEGO® Bricks. This book is geared for builders looking to create detailed models from the North African campaign of WWII. Next up we have a small wave of custom printed minifigures. Our WWI German Stormtrooper, WWII Russian Stalingrad Infantry V2, and our Vietnam Grunt V2 are now ready for battle! Finally we have more 1×2 Balkenkreuz Tiles – Dark Gray and UN MCH Helmets ready to add detail to your creations and minifigures.

WWI German Stormtrooper


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