New Releases: M113 – Armored Personnel Carrier Add-On Packs

M163 VADS - Vulcan Air Defense System Pack for M113

About the M163 VADS – Vulcan Air Defense System Pack for M113:

A replacement for the M42 Duster, the M163 Vulcan Air Defense System (VADS) was first deployed during the Vietnam War. A variant of the M113 that was equipped with a Vulcan 20mm rotary cannon, it was primarily used for infantry support. Six of these armored fighting vehicles were deployed during Vietnam and had to be equipped with flotation kits because of weight added by the 20mm ammunition.

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M557 - Command Vehicle Pack for M113

About the M557 – Command Vehicle Pack for M113:

Widespread in use and versatile, the M113 Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) has seen action since April 1962 as the United States took a primary role in the Vietnam War. An effective tracked design, the M113 can be outfitted with an impressive selection of weapons including antiaircraft guns, mortars, and surface-to-air missiles. The M113 can also be converted into a field command vehicle for longer engagements.

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ACAV Upgrade - Pack for M113

About the ACAV Upgrade – Pack for M113:

Largely developed in the field with spare parts, the ACAV variant of the M113 was often paired with the M48 Patton tank for patrols during the Vietnam War. Equipped with an armor pack and three machine guns, the ACAV M113 provided protection for infantry and ground support in skirmishes with enemy forces.

ACAV Upgrade – Pack for M113


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Don’t forget your M113 base model to build these amazing vehicles:

M113 - Armored Personnel Carrier

Also available: Vietnam ACAV Crew Pack:

Vietnam ACAV Crew Pack


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