2019 Brickmania Fan Pick #4- Minifigs

2019 Brickmania Fan Pick #4 - Minifigs

Which one of these minings do you want to see us make?! It’s up to you! We will make the minifig that gets the most votes!

Select the one you want to see and click Vote at the bottom of the list to let us know. Then make sure you’re signed up for the Brickmania Newsletter to find out which minifig we bring back!

Poll closes March 26, 2019.

This entry was posted by Jacquie.

5 thoughts on “2019 Brickmania Fan Pick #4- Minifigs

  1. These are so sweet i hope you get to all of them. Will you do more world leaders or generals again? I really like the korean war vietnam stuff now. ARVN and vietcong soldiers would be sweet too!

  2. Will u guys make Tom Clancy’s universe characters? Such as Ghost Recon Operator Scott Junior Mitchell, Splinter Cell operative Sam Fisher or even Rainbow 6 main characters?

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