Restock: WWII US Filthy Thirteen Paratrooper

WWII US Filthy Thirteen Paratrooper

Filthy Thirteen Paratroopers

Officially titled the 1st Demolition Section of the 101st Airborne Division, the Filthy Thirteen earned their name by their general disregard for military structure and refusing to follow hygiene protocol (shower) in order to use water to cook game while stationed in England. The group also donned Native American Mohawk haircuts inspired by their First Sergeant Jake ‘McNasty’ McNiece who was part Choctaw Indian.

Brickmania’s Filthy Thirteen minifigure features both a Mohawk and a custom-printed helmet, and face paint true to that worn during Operation Overlord. This minifig was created by Lando and features a 360-degree UV print design.

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