Restock: WWII German Kursk Soldier with MP40

WWII German Kursk Soldier with MP40

Considered the largest tank battle in history, Kursk was a melee of massive metal monsters. Far from home, German infantry caught in the battle faced wave after wave of Soviet armor. One of the last great German offensives on the Eastern Front, Kursk marked the beginning of the end for the Third Reich.

The WWII German Kursk Soldier features artwork based on the M42 Camouflage Smock (Tarnjacke), Feldgrau Trousers, Jack Boots, Camouflage Helmet Cover Type 1, Leather Belt, Combat Y-Straps, and MP40 ammo pouches. This minifigure is armed with a BrickArms MP40 V2 Extended Stock.

Check it out!

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