New Release: Brickmania® Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® PPSh V2

Brickmania® Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® PPSh V2

About the Brickmania® Perfect Caliber™ BrickArms® PPsh V2:

An iconic Soviet submachine gun used extensively in World War II and beyond, the PPsh was designed to be basic, dependable, and also easily produced. With an estimated six million units manufactured between 1941 and 1947, the PPsh was second only to the Mosin Nagant in terms of commonality in the Red Army.

The Brickmania® Perfect Caliber™ project takes BrickArms® accessories and enhances them by printing fine details on the weapons, adding realism and excitement to your creations. You’ll find everything from famous historical guns to advanced modern rifles and more.

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