New Release: Pacific Theater Volume Two: Building Instructions for World War II Models using LEGO® Bricks

Pacific Theater Volume Two: Building Instructions for World War II Models using LEGO® Bricks

The Pacifc Theater in World War II saw a wide variety of combat styles. From massive naval engagements, to island invasions and intense aerial attacks, no tactics were ignored in the quest for absolute victory. From December of 1941 until August of 1945, the Allied forces and the Empire of Japan fought viciously over key territories that would determine the future of the South Pacific.

Inside this book you’ll find full-color, step-by-step instructions to build 12 different Japanese and American military models from the Pacific Theater using LEGO® bricks, including:


  • Type 92 – 105mm Field Gun
  • Type 4 Ho-Ro – Self-Propelled Gun
  • Type 89 – Type 89 Medium Tank
  • Type 94 Te-Ke – Tankette
  • Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate – Army Type 4 Fighter
  • Yamato – Japanese Battleship

United States

  • M1 Light Tractor – US Navy Seabees Bulldozer
  • M8 Scott – 75mm Howitzer Motor Carriage
  • LVT(A)-4 Amtank – Amphibious Infantry Support
  • F6F-5 Hellcat – Carrier-Based Fighter
  • P-38L Lightning – Fighter-Bomber
  • USS Missouri – American Battleship

Bonus Extras:

  • Printed on heavy weight glossy paper with a special lay-flat spiral binding
  • Includes vinyl sticker sheet with vehicle markings and insignia for added realism
  • Visual and test parts lists to help locate all of the parts needed to build your model
  • Beautiful full-color photographs throughout provide ideas for displaying your models

Start building!


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