New Release: WWII US Army Tank Crewmen – Sticker Pack

WWII US Army Tank Crewmen - Sticker Pack

About the WWII US Army Tank Crewmen Sticker Pack:

As warfare moved out of the trenches, tanks began operating as their own independent units as well as in infantry support roles across all theaters of World War II. Usually 3–5 men, a standard tank crew typically consisted of a commander, driver, gunner and ammunition loader. Included in this sticker pack are jackets and boots to create five unique WWII US Tank Crewmen, as well as an iconic barrel sticker as a bonus.

Designed to capture a variety of historically accurate uniforms and accessories, Brickmania® sticker packs are an easy, inexpensive way to turn your own collection of minifigures into an effective fighting unit with multiple styles of vibrant uniforms. Designed, printed and packaged at the Brickmania HQ, these high-quality stickers add a layer of detail to any MOC or individual figure at an unbeatable price.

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