Tiger II “Königstiger” Presale + 12 Holiday Deals Under $50

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BRICKMANIACS! We are incredibly excited to announce the presale of the Tiger II “Königstiger” WWII Heavy Tank – available NOW on brickmania.com! This kit will be a one-time only release due to its use of rare parts and unique colors so pick yours up while they last!

Learn more about the Tiger II presale here.


Our most recent single-batch release is the Centurion Mk.III Main Battle Tank. Upon the sale of the initial 100 kits it will not be slated for restock, so get yours while you can!

Also!! As Brickmania’s 12 Holiday Deals Under $50 continues, the specials just keep coming! This week’s second gift idea is an awesome one-two punch, and great for anyone new to Brickmania.

When you buy one BrickArms® WWII Weapons Pack V3, receive a FREE WWII Starter Sticker Pack with your purchase! The pack includes…

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  • x1 United States Army tan uniform with webbing, leg wraps, and boots
  • x1 British Army dark tan uniform with webbing, leg wraps, and boots
  • x1 Russian Army dark tan uniform with gear belt and boots
  • x1 German Army dark grey uniform with webbing and boots
  • x1 Japanese Army tan uniform with gear belt, leg wraps, and boots
  • x1 Italian Army dark grey uniform with gear belt, leg wraps, and boots

Mixed with the helmets, weapons, and other gear included in the BrickArms® WWII Weapons Pack V3, you’ll have everything you need to begin epic creations from the WWII era – all for $14 plus tax and shipping! This offer will remain available until Monday 11/24 at 4:00 PM when we announce the next of our 12 awesome deals!

Now, more about Brickmania’s newest MBT, the Centurion Mk.III

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Debatably more effective than the M26 Pershing and M46 Patton in combat, the Centurion Mk III served extensively in the Korean War. Introduced in 1948, the Mk.III featured an automatic stabilization system that provided better accuracy for the tank’s powerful Ordnance QF 20 pounder and would be used around the world in countries such as India, Australia, Israel, Egypt, and Canada.


  •  Crew: 4
  • Main Armament: 84mm 20pdr OQF Mk.I cannon
  • Weight: 50.8 tons
  • Range: 450 km (280 miles)
  • Speed: 35 km/h (22 mph)

 Additional Information about this Brickmania® custom building kit:

 The Centurion Mk.III model features an expertly designed 360-degree rotating turret with an elevating and depressing gun, brick-built smoke grenade launchers, and an opening commander’s hatch. Additionally, the model includes a tea set and portrait of The Queen along with functioning suspension, spare track links, cargo boxes, and opening front hatch.

 Model Statistics:

  • Designed by John Canepa
  • 925 LEGO®, BrickArms®, and Minifig Cat Elements
  • Custom British Tanker minifig
  • BrickArms 76mm barrel
  • Custom printed portrait of The Queen
  • Additional printed elements
  • High-quality sticker sheet
  • Full-color printed building instructions
  • 1/35th scale to match other Brickmania kits
  • Intermediate Skill Level (4-6 years building experience recommended)
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