Brickmania 12/12/2019 – New Releases

BRICKMANIACS! First things first, if you missed out on the Tiger II online you can still pick yours up at a Brickmania retail location right now. Also, in honor of the relaunch of our Perfect Caliber™ (PC) initiative our entire PC inventory is now 20% off through Monday 12/16!

Here’s everything new this week…

Happy building!

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2 thoughts on “Brickmania 12/12/2019 – New Releases

  1. It’s sad to see even your rule bools for micro brick battle go so fast. Here in Europe it’s very hard to get our hands on. Please start providing these as pdfs, so we can them in a way that doesn’t burn our wallet on the shipping cost. I wanted to play the game for almost a year now, but couldn’t effort it because of the price just for game rules. And with that I don’t mean instructions, because most micro builds are simple to replicate, but the rules are not.

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