Brickmania New Release & Restocks Schedule Change

Alright… we promise this is the last time we’re going to do this.

As a compromise to our customers across all time zones our official restocks and new releases schedule is changing one final time.

  • Restocks: Mondays at 8:00 AM US Central Time
  • New Releases: Thursdays 8:00 AM US Central Time

These will be the official times moving forward. However, make note that very often we will put restocks up as soon as they are ready to ship so it helps to check often to stay on top of what’s back in action.

The easiest way to stay connected is through the Brickmania Newsletter. Which we send out twice weekly at these times to let everyone know what’s back and what’s new. It’s also the best way to know about upcoming sales, exclusive items, preorders, events, and other promotions.

We appreciate your business very much and hope this will better serve all of our customers moving forward.

Happy Building!

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