Brickmania 2019 Year-In-Review

BRICKMANIACS! This year has been quite the whirlwind for the BKM team. From trips, to new events, new stores, official licenses, and beyond, Brickmania has seen it all in 2019. As we turn toward the new year and new decade, it’s time to take a look back and revel in the glory of a hard fought and successful year. Before that however, we’d like to thank all Brickmaniacs for their unwavering support. As many know, ours is an industry that remains ever changing. As we continue to pioneer the world of custom military models we always strive to provide a unique and fulfilling experience. Whether you buy every new release, or save up to scoop your favorite, everyone who has ever purchased a product has contributed to what Brickmania has become and what it will be. For this we pass along our sincerest thank you for helping keep the Brickmania dream alive.

Now for a look at some highlights from 2019…

The first major Brickmania happening in 2019 was the opening of the GHQ Store in Minneapolis, MN. The first of its kind, the GHQ store is a vision of what owner Dan Siskind believes the true Brickmania experience to be. More than a simple shop, the GHQ Store is a literal tribute to the history of Brickmania and the literal bricks laid at its foundation. From the kit archive wall to the USS Missouri, fans of Brickmania finally had a chance to realize Siskind’s vision at the grand opening this past spring. Since then, the GHQ Store has become a destination for those passionate about military history, models, or the evolution of custom lego.

Next came a first for the Brickmania crew, EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. The largest air show in the world, AirVenture was nirvana for a BKM family loaded with aircraft enthusiasts, Air Force fans, and WWII buffs. Surrounded by P-51s, A-10s, F-22s, and the F-35, the crew felt right at home wandering the grounds and taking in the sights. Cody even got to sit in a Corsair! In true Brickmania fashion, the crew debuted the 1/35th scale model of the USS O’Hare (because who else would bring a destroyer to an air show) constructed entirely out of LEGO and accompanied by a full lineup of Brickmania’s latest aircraft kits. This being BKM’s first airshow, plenty of unfamiliar faces got a taste of Brickmania for the first time – what a better introduction than surrounded by real life versions of some of our most popular kits!

Our next highlight takes place overseas in Fürth, Germany at Bricking Bavaria. Another first for BKM, the scene at Bricking Bavaria was epic through and through. From the hospitality of the people, to the skill of the displays, everything was first class. While the city, food, and beer were fantastic the real highlight was being able to interact with Brickmaniacs from across the pond. While the team didn’t travel with a display of their normal caliber, owner Dan Siskind gave a presentation about the history behind the creation of the original Blacksmith shop and the dawn of the custom lego creations era. Despite being there for a week, the time flew by and the team can’t wait to return to Germany.

Next up was Tank Farm. Always an impressive production, the team was once again thrilled to be surrounded by the real vehicles of some of our most epic original designs. This has always been one of our favorite events to attend and with our new Chantilly store located close by, we can’t wait to return in the future.

Soon after the crew headed back overseas to the Tank Museum in Bovington, UK. Between video collaborations and the reveal of the officially licensed Tiger 131 kit, the trip was an absolute success. The sheer number of incredible vehicles on display provided an incredible experience and the team was thrilled to be included as the crossover between Beyond The Brick and the Tank Museum’s own channel. Another epic moment for the custom military lego community!

After the success of the GHQ Store grand opening, the team was eager to open their second new location in Schaumburg, IL near Chicago. Finally able to avoid mall traffic, the new location is spacious and ready to be loaded up with awesome Brickmania creations. The first of which was the new USS O’Hare model which will remain the store’s centerpiece for the foreseeable future. At the new location’s grand opening, Brickmaniacs who regularly attended the Woodfield location got a taste of the real BKM experience with all the bells and whistles. The new location now hosts monthly events just like the GHQ Store so that everyone can partake in MOC Monday, Micro Brick Battle and more!

Finally came Blackbird Friday weekend. In honor of Brickmania’s official license agreement with Lockheed Martin® and the opening of our third retail location in Chantilly, VA, the team decided to once again go above and beyond by giving away three SR-71 Blackbird® kits! Equally as exciting was the appearance of retired SR-71 pilot Col Adelbert “Buz” Carpenter at the new Capital Store. For more from this amazing weekend, check out our Blackbird Friday Weekend recap.

While this may not cover all of the wild ride that was 2019, these are some of the highlights that made it special. Brickmania is a special company with an awesome team and we can’t wait to continue to bring you more epic products into 2020 and beyond.

Remember! Winner’s aren’t born, they’re built!

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