Brickmania’s World War Brick 2020

BRICKMANIACS! It’s the long awaited return of World War Brick! Join us June 12 – 14, 2020 for World War Brick in Minneapolis, MN! We will be hosting this event in our Brickmania Toyworks space and at the GHQ Store – which are both located in the Thorp Building. Exhibitor space is limited to 200 seats so be sure to sign up ASAP to lock in your spot! We’ll also have public tickets for June 13 and 14 available at a later date for those not interested in displaying.

Check out the World War Brick blog for regular updates on what’s inbound fro World War Brick 2020!

Stay tune for more details on gift bags, activities, and other general awesomeness inbound for World War Brick 2020! Be sure to show off your excitement by using the hashtag #WorldWarBrick on social media.

We’re incredibly excited for the return of this epic event and we hope you are too!

Lodging and Transportation details

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